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I swear, the only reason I'm even on DA is to do this to stall working on cosplays. Yeah, I'm bad. :p

I was tagged by :iconalaraleongod:, so here I go!

Rules - if I tag you, answer the questions and create 11 new questions in a journal, and tag 11 other people! IT'S A NEVER ENDING CHAIN. MWAHAHAHA.

1. What is your favourite curse word?
          I'm pretty classic, so probably fuck.  

2. If given the chance to have wings, would you take it?
Sure! Depends on the type, though. I'd go for leathery dragon or demon wings, but as nice as feathers are, I'd probably pass. The shedding would be horrible, and they're much more delicate.  

3. Name one of your irrational fears.
I wish I could say being assaulted, but in this day and age that isn't really irrational. Probably… being chased in video games. I just freak the fuck out regardless of how not real it is, and I take any and all precautions to avoid being chased in games.

4. What is you favourite cosplay that you've worked on?
That I've worked on? Probably Hazel (Saiyuki). Depending on how Rin (Ao No Exorcist) turns out, however, he may take the cake. I love this tail!

5. Fave crack pairing.
Oiiii, I normally hate crack, but anything student/teacher or with a massive age gap. Van/Luke comes to mind, but is that really crack~?

6. How many licks does it take to get to center of a tootsie pop?
          Tootsie pop? Bitch, I'm eating a Reeses cup.

7. In your experience, what is one thing that can kill freaking anything?
Sargeras. 'Nuff said. He needs to stop accumulating half-assed minions and do his own dirty work, though. Azeroth would just be fucked.  

8. What is the worst insult you can think of?
I consider calling someone or being called a liar to be pretty awful.

9. What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child?
SIMBA! He still is. I sleep with him whenever I go home. :heart:

10. Would you be weirded out by the TARDIS being bigger on the inside?
Lol. This is not my fandom or my specialty, but seeing as I've heard time and time again that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, I'd probably be freaked out if it wasn't.  

11. Pick a favorite from these four: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Firefly
The only one I've ever watched is Firefly…. So I pick Game of Thrones. >D Suckers.

Questions from :iconalaraleongod:

1. Absolute favorite cosplay that you've done.

If done means "worn" then Howl. If done means "constructed all/a majority of" then Hazel.

2. Absolute favorite cosplay that you've seen someone else do (who and what they did).

Ohh… Hm… Probably some of the Tales cosplayers I've seen. I can't really pick a single costume, but I really appreciate everything Stealthos Aurion does. She's not only an incredible seamstress, but a fan of the series with a high attention to accuracy. For that, she takes the cake here!

3. Favorite animal as a child, and now.

Lion and still lion. Wolves have always been a close second, though. :3

4. Name your favorite video game.

Ultima Online. Forever.

5. End this sentence: "It's time to -"

I know what you want me to say, but I don't play card games. >p

6. Which Gundam from which series would you pilot?

No Gundams, but I'd pilot a Gun/man/ (see: Gurren Lagann). And it'd be Enki, because Viral is my homeboy.

7. If you could pick a weapon from any series or video game to wield, what would it be and why?

Warglaives of Azzinoth. Because Illidan touched them. No other reason.

8. Sunlight or moonlight?


9. Morning sunshine or night owl?

Either/or, depending on the situation!

10. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New Zealand or Japan. <3

11. The world's deadliest...

Ehhhh? I'll say taco. The world's deadliest taco.

New Questions:

1. Caster or mele fighter?
2. What's your source of caffeine?
3. When you RP, do you prefer paragraph form or using asterisks for actions? First person or third or other? Past or present?
4. Was it unfair that I put 3 questions in one for #3, or was it ironic because it was #3?
5. Have you ever eaten a pigmole, and if so, what did it taste like?
6. If you had all the money and resources to do it, what would be your dream cosplay?
7. Do you abuse your wigheads (ex. putting pins in them, stabbing them with other things, drawing on them, etc.)? If so, how?
8. Lace or leather?
9. If you could sex up ONE fictional character ONCE, who would it be?
10. What's your alcoholic drink of choice? (If it's a named, mixed drink, give me the recipe!)
11. If you play/are familiar with the Zelda series, which incarnation of Link is your favorite?

As for tagging...


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I'm glad you posted your cosplay on here. I totally wouldn't have known who this was otherwise!

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